Design is best
when it tells a story

Every place has a story just like every person. A true architect creates a dialogue between the two. Listening and honoring the essence of the place and its occupants; making real the aspirations of both.



“A soulful house reflects the story of a person." 
 Jill Rerucha

“Jill is amazing. The house was oppressive, but now it’s flooded with promise; waking up in this home is joyful.”  Client, Beach House

“Open, strong, and comforting, a beach house befits its owner."  
Rebecca Teagarden, Seattle Times


I Like It Wild

We walk in the back garden – finches are everywhere.  My future client pushes back a berry branch. “Excuse the mess, but I like it wild.”

That moment informed the design. There is beauty in natural imperfection, in the unexpected and the weathering of time.

This is the concept of WABI-SABI. “The Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature, of accepting the natural cycle.” The Corten Steel used for the workshop siding reflects wabi-sabi and the beauty of the still untamed gardens.   


The Authentic House

There is an intimacy that comes with a home that reflects the personalities and history of the people who live in it. I call this "A house with Soul."

Objects collected on travels or family heirlooms can provide a richness that transcends design.

This is a collection of pottery crafted by my client’s grandmother. The set is earthy, unique and artistic, just like Freddie. I know this because I met my client when I was four years old and knew her grandmother. Forty-five years later I designed a house for my friend and we displayed the tea pot and mugs on the basalt counter, adding a personal addition to the collection of contemporary art in the home. 

Fascinating spaces reveal the story of a person.